In a typical private equity fund, investors are making capital commitments to a limited partnership that will be drawn down over a number of years at the direction of the general partner of the limited partnership. The structure of the typical private equity fund and the fact that investors have no liquidity once they make

In a recent interview with Private Funds Management, partners Stephanie Breslow, Omoz Osayimwese, Phyllis Schwartz and Joseph Smith discuss fund agreements between LPs and GPs, which are under constant scrutiny. The partners discuss recent changes, co-investment rights and key terms that are crucial in the current market.

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SRZ attorneys answer frequently asked questions by hedge fund managers in three new SRZ Insights videos. SRZ partners Jennifer Dunn, David J. EfronDaniel F. Hunter and Omoz Osayimwese share their answers to key questions relating to advertising winning trades and running a private equity and hedge fund side-by-side.

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